Formation and Operations

Formation and Operations

Pursuant to Section 27.4 of Pennsylvania General Assembly Act 42 of 2017 (Act 42), an annual allocation has been made of funds from the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development and Tourism Fund (EDTF) for use by the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (SEA) for the establishment, administration and maintenance of a regional sports commission. Pending such use, the funds are held by the SEA in a restricted receipts account (EDTF Restricted Account).

On August 13, 2020, the SEA, by adoption of Resolution No.5710, established the SEA Sports Commission as a five (5) member committee of the SEA for the purpose of assisting the region in maintaining and growing its competitive position in the sports event market.

The SEA adopted and authorized By-Laws of the SEA Sports Commission and the Act 42 EDTF Restricted Account Programs and Procedures in order to further define the funding programs and procedures and provide for the organization and operation of the SEA Sports Commission.

The EDTF Restricted Account can be used as follows:

  • 70% for financial assistance to organizations to provide eligible, high-quality, responsible sports events that drive economic activity to the region (The Sports Event Funding (SEF) Program)
  • 25% to support SEA responsibilities to maintain its four (4) major facilities in order for these facilities to continue to showcase the region and serve as venues to host, inter alia , major league sports teams, other sporting events, and sports related conferences, all driving economic activity to the region
  • 5% for administrative costs

The SEA Sports Commission reviews proposed expenditures from the EDTF Restricted Account and evaluates the extent to which the proposed expenditures further the purposes and meet the requirements of the Programs and Procedures provided by the SEA. If the Commission recommends a proposed expenditure, the proposed expenditure will be considered by the SEA Board for authorization.

SEA Sports Commission board meetings are held at least once during each quarter of the calendar year.

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