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The Stadium Authority of the City of Pittsburgh was formed by the City of Pittsburgh on March 9, 1964 pursuant to the provisions of the Public Auditorium Authorities Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved July 29, 1953, P.L. 1034, as amended (recodified as the Sports and Exhibition Authority Act 16 P.S. Section 5502-A et seq.).

The Stadium Authority was responsible for the construction of Three Rivers Stadium and related parking facilities, which began on April 25, 1968. The stadium, which seated 47,972 for baseball and 59,000 for football, opened on July 16, 1970. Three Rivers was demolished in February 2001 to make room for Heinz Field, the new home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh Panthers.


       North Shore - 1980s                                             North Shore - Present

Board Members & Staff

Five members serve on the Stadium Authority's Board of Directors, appointed by the Mayor of Pittsburgh.

Michael Danovitz, Chairman
James Malanos, Vice-Chairman
Jay Anderko, Member
Stanley Lederman

The Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (SEA) and the Stadium Authority operate in cooperation with each other. They have the same Executive Director and use the same staff.

Assets and Development Projects

The Stadium Authority currently owns West General Robinson Street Garage (WGRS Garage) as well as the surface parking lots between PNC Park and Heinz Field, a portion of which is known as the Option Area (see below). The Stadium Authority also leases land from PennDOT north of PNC Park to operate as surface parking (the "7" Lots).

Parking Lots and Garages

Both the WGRS Garage and surface lots are managed by or leased to ALCO Parking Corporation (ALCO).

On May 1, 1966, the Stadium Authority, Pittsburgh Associates, Pittsburgh Steelers Sports, Inc., and Parking Authority entered into a lease with ALCO with respect to surface parking in the North Shore related to development of Three Rivers Stadium. That lease was replaced by a new Lease Agreement dated November 30, 1999 among the Stadium Authority, the SEA, and ALCO. The new lease provided for amendments to the lease terms that permitted the following improvements and operations:

  • Demolish Three Rivers Stadium
  • Construct Heinz Field and PNC Park
  • Shift North Shore Drive northward to create a meaningful riverfront park
  • Operate the 7 Lots north of PNC Park, and lots north of Heinz Field owned by the SEA
  • Create a new street grid such including Tony Dorsett Drive, the widening Mazeroski Way, and Chuck Noll Way

Option Area

The Stadium Authority, the SEA, the Pirates, and the Steelers entered into a mutual agreement (the Option Agreement) with respect to future North Shore development. The Option Agreement provides development rights to the Pirates and Steelers on the land between PNC Park and Heinz Field (the Option Area).

In order to incentivize the teams to develop the Option Area's surface parking (and to not repeat the lack of development around Three Rivers Stadium), the teams are given limited parking revenue. That limited parking revenue is placed in a development fund, and a portion of the fund is released to the teams only when the teams develop a parcel(s). The teams hired Continental Real Estate Companies as the master developer of the Option Area. The Option Area consists of twelve parcels, further to the North Shore Master Plan. The Stadium Authority oversees this development according to the terms of the Option Agreement.

To date, the following developments have been completed pursuant to the Option Agreement: the Equitable Building (2005), the Del Monte Buildings (2 parcels) (2006), and the Hyatt Place Hotel (2010) In addition, pursuant to separate agreement with the Steelers, Stage AE (Phase I) (2010) was also developed in the area. (Phase II work is a required improvement to Stage AE's parking lot, which is contemplated to be a multi-use plaza that will include a decorative concrete walkway, landscaping and site furnishings. Phase II is currently in planning phase.) The next development to occur, North Shore Place I and North Shore Place II, will be located in a portion of Lot 2, east of Stage AE.

Releated Development

In March 2012, the Port Authority of Allegheny County completed its 1.2 mile light rail transit (LRT) extension to the North Shore, the North Shore Connector. The Stadium Authority and Port Authority worked in cooperation to facillitate the construction of the LRT.

Financial Statement

To view the latest financial statement of the Stadium Authority, please click here.


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