Civic Arena


Construction of the Civic Arena began in 1957, and was completed in 1961. The arena primarily served as the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins who played there from 1967 until 2010. The facility also housed the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera from 1961 to 1969 and a variety of other events and concerts during its lifetime.

Mellon Arena

Architects Mitchell and Ritchey of Pittsburgh, PA designed the original structure of the Civic Arena, which cost $20 million. Initially built for a capacity of 10,500, the Civic Arena was renovated to accommodate more than 17,000 patrons.

Site Clearance

Site clearance of the arena commenced in September 2010 with an auction of assets, abatement services, and design/engineering services for the demolition. The SEA contracted with Langan Engineering and Environmental Services for demolition design and with Noralco Corporation to clear the site in August 2011. The demolition of the building was complete in July 2012, and an interim parking lot was completed on its footprint in October 2012.

Key Facts

Clearance Start: September 2010

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services
Noralco Corporation

Cost: $6.2 million
Clearance Complete: October 2012

Historical Review Process


To meet the spirit and intent of the State History Code, the SEA requested the views of interested parties, as well as the public, on findings and determinations regarding historic properties for the Lower Hill Development Project. The goal of consultation was to identify historic properties affected by the project, assess effects to historic resources, and seek ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate any adverse effects on historic properties resulting from project implementation. For this project, in addition to SEA and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (the State Historic Preservation Officer), interested parties included representatives of local governments, established historic societies, planners, owners of affected properties, and others who met the definition of a “consulting party,” as defined by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 [36 CFR§800.2 (c) (5)]. Meetings of the Interested Parties were not open to the public or the media, however, results of these meetings were posted after each meeting for review by the public.

Interested Party / Public Informational Meetings and Releases

July 2011 Information

Letter from PHMC to SEA (2011-07-05)

September 2010 Information

Options Comparison Report – FINAL

August 2010 Information

ACHP to PHMC letter (2010-08-10)
IP Comments Week Ending (2010-08-06)
Lower Hill - Civic Arena Press Release (2010-08-13)
PHMC to SEA letter (2010-08-12) -Revised

Interested Party Meeting #8
July 13, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center; Room 336

Meeting #8 -Agenda
Meeting #8 -Ammann Whitney Structural Engineering Considerations (2010-07-02)
Meeting #8 -Arena Holding Costs 2010-06-16
Meeting #8 -Baker IP Memorandum 2010-08-02
Meeting #8 -Gary English Handout
Meeting #8 -FHWA to PHMC Response 2010-07-07
Meeting #8 -Handouts for IP Meeting#8
Meeting #8 -Minutes
Meeting #8 -ODC-CE to PHMC request for comments 2010-07-30-FINAL
Meeting #8 -ODCCE and Baker to PHMC response to 2010-06-16 letter FINAL 2010-06-28
Meeting #8 -Options Comparison Report -Second Draft
Meeting #8 -PHMC to ACHP 2010-06-16
Meeting #8 -PHMC to FHWA 2010-06-14
Meeting #8 -PHMC to SEA letter 2010-06-16
Meeting #8 -Restore Arena Cost Estimate
Meeting #8 -4Ward Planning Presentation
Meeting #8 -4Ward Planning Presentation - Final

Interested Party Meeting #7
June 9, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Meeting #7 -Agenda
Meeting #7 -Interested Parties
Meeting #7 -Catalog of Articles Opinions Editorials
Meeting #7 -Catalog of Correspondence and Other Info
Meeting #7 -Comment Form Summary
Meeting #7 -DRAFT Mitigation Proposals
Meeting #7 -DRAFT Options Report -Findings Excerpt
Meeting #7 -MA Effects Summary
Meeting #7 -PowerPoint 06-09-10
Meeting #7 -Five Mile Development Presentation -Arena Relocation
Meeting #7 -Tentative Process Schedule 06-10-10
Meeting #7 -Preservation Pittsburgh to SEA 2010-06-09
Meeting #7 -RTI to SEA 2010-06-08 Section 106
Meeting #7 -DRAFT Lower Hill Determination of Effect Report
Meeting #7 -Meeting Minutes
Meeting #7 -Historic Hill Institute Presentation Design Success Arena

Public Informational Meeting
May 13, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Public Meeting -Community Flyer
Public Meeting -Development Options
Public Meeting -Display What are Your Thoughts
Public Meeting -Mellon Arena Comment Form
Public Meeting -PA History Code Flowchart
Public Meeting -Purpose Needs
Public Meeting -Workshop Survey IP Summary May 5, 2010
Public Meeting -Presentation
Public Meeting -Attendance

Interested Party Meeting #6
May 5, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Meeting #6 -Agenda
Meeting #6 -Interested Parties
Meeting #6 -Minutes
Meeting #6 -Workshop Survey PI Summary
Meeting #6 -Attendance

Interested Party Meeting #5
April 21, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Meeting #5 -Agenda
Meeting #5 -Power Point 4/21/10
Meeting #5 -ROMA Financial Analysis 4-20-10
Meeting #5 -Minutes
Meeting #5 -Attendance

Interested Party Meeting #4
March 30, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Meeting #4 -Agenda
Meeting #4 -Poster
Meeting #4 -Presentation
Meeting #4 -Workshop Survey  (Word format)   (PDF format)
Meeting #4 -HOK 2001 Mellon Arena Renovation & Expansion Study
Meeting #4 -Minutes
Meeting #4 -Attendance

Interested Party Meeting #3
March 17, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Meeting #3 -Interest Parties List as of 3/17/2010
Meeting #3 -Penguins UDA Master Plan Presentation
Meeting #3 -Preservation Pittsburgh Presentation
Meeting #3 -ReusetheIgloo Presentation
Meeting #3 -Minutes
Meeting #3 -Attendance

Interested Party Meeting #2
February 16, 2010
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Meeting #2 -Agenda
Meeting #2 -Draft PN Statement
Meeting #2 -PN process chart
Meeting #2 -Presentation 2010feb16
Meeting #2 -Workshop Aerial Maps
Meeting #2 -Workshop Flip Chart form
Meeting #2 -Mellon Arena Interested Parties 2010feb15
Meeting #2 -ODC-CE to PHMC record of telephone conversation 2010feb10
Meeting #2 -PHMC to SEA letter 2010jan25
Meeting #2 -PN Satement -revised
Meeting #2 -Minutes
Meeting #2 -Attendance

Interested Party Meeting #1
January 19, 2010
Location: Civic Arena

Meeting #1 -Community Benefits Agreement
Meeting #1 -Presentation for Meeting #1
Meeting #1 -Interested Party Invitee List
Meeting #1 -Interested Party Response Form
Meeting #1 -Project Purpose and Need Statement Exercise
Meeting #1 -Minutes
Meeting #1 -Attendance

Reference Documents

Eligibility Letter for National Register of Historic Places
Final Arena District Parking Study 12-05-2007
Hill District Community Benefits Agreement
L-4 Auditorium Site Plan
L-5 Auditorium Site Plan
List of Acronyms
Mellon Arena Economic Analysis_DRAFT AECOM Penguins FEB 2010
Mellon Arena Electronic Project Request Form and Drawing List
Mellon Arena Estimate - Site Infrastructure Detail
Mellon Arena Estimate - Operating Costs
Mellon Arena Estimate - Civic Renewal Plan
Mellon Arena Market Analysis DRAFT AECOM Penguins FEB 2010
Pittsburgh Penguins Arena FINAL Traffic Study 12-05-07 (without appendices)
Request to Initiate Consult106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
Element I road locations
April 24, 2014 letter from the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
March 17, 2010 letter from Representative Jake Wheatley and Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle, Jr.
June 14, 2010 letter to Councilwoman Darlene Harris

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